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Furever Friends Rescue was started to answer one very simple question:
What will happen to my animals if something happens to me?
The updates below are just a few of our recent milestones. Explore our site to see how you can help us support our community. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for more frequent updates.

News & Updates

Arizona Gives Day: 9 April 2014
Furever Friends Rescue is excited about participating in Arizona Gives Day! Arizona Gives Day is a statewide online giving campaign. Arizona Gives Day is a way for people to find, learn about, and contribute to causes they believe in. These tax-deductible donations may be submitted on that day, or scheduled in advance.

We wish all nonprofits across the state much success on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Funds donated to Furever Friends Rescue on that Arizona Gives Day will be used to support vaccinations and care for our adoptable animals.

Local Cat Supports Toppling Bookshelf
Smokey chewing on the end of a bookshelf GILBERT, Arizona – Local cat Smokey saved a wall-mounted shelf from collapsing when screws worked loose from a pair of brackets.

"When I see a problem, I have to help," explained the tabby good Samaritan. "I was nearby when the shelf began to give way and knew I could hold it up until the screws could be replaced."

The 6-month old has demonstrated his quick eye and astounding strength on several occasions, such as racing to prop open the lid of a just-opened cat kibble storage bin.

Rescue volunteers were able to replace the missing screws and secure the shelf while Smokey held the structure in place. "His quick action saved us an expensive wall repair, plus wear and tear on our books", explained a relieved adoption counselor.

Some other rescue cats were less impressed with his feat, however. "Five minutes before the shelf began to give way, he was bouncing on it like a trampoline," confided one cat. "He pretends to be a feline superhero, but he's just a crazy kitten."

Success Stories
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who found their FUREVER homes!

Volunteer of the Month: Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen As a volunteer, I love to see the social and emotional changes that occur in the many cats and dogs that arrive at our 2 locations. Many arrive shy, frightened, and distrustful due to neglect and abuse. Some are in mourning because of the loss of a beloved owner. It is awesome to see these cats and dogs over 2-3 days or even 2-3 months become trusting, loving, and happy beings again. And I am so delighted when their forever adoptive families find them and take them to their new forever homes.

I also love to volunteer because the founders, the staff, and the other volunteers are awesome. Everyone has a huge heart for the elderly and infirm and for their out placed pets, and also for any other unwanted or overpopulated animals.

Volunteering is such a fun way to give to people and animals in need. And… I get a free aerobic workout whenever I volunteer early in the morning to walk dogs and to clean dog kennels and cat casitas.

Whenever I volunteer, I look forward to hearing which animals have been adopted, and to meeting new animals and new volunteers. Furever Friends has taught me a lot about animals and humans.